Dance lesson at the Tangospeakeasy in July 2017





Panini with Rosemary Ham, bufalo mozzarella cheese, tomatos and basil pesto Ottolenghi’s Tomato and Pomegranate salad




Layne and Jess practicing for their wedding dance.  They have been students at the Tango Speakeasy for several years.







Elena and Ralph met at the Tango Speakeasy in 2013

Elena and Ralph shortly after their marriage in October 2014



Whilst at Dance Manhattan in New York on October Cheryl had  private lessons
with both Evan Griffiths (sometime partner of Rebecca Schulman) and Rebecca
Rebecca and Evan are regarded by many as being amongst the top Argentine
Tango dancers in the U.S.A.  You will be able to find them on youtube.

Evan Griffiths


Rebecca Schulman

Daniel learning the basics with mother Michelle, Ralph and Cheryl



Supper at tango speakeasy 22nd


At the year-end milonga in November 2012:


Christmas flowers 2012 022         Ralph and Cheryl

Christmas flowers 2012 027        Adolph instructing

Christmas flowers 2012 028        Jocelyn and Raj

Christmas flowers 2012 030          Sandy and Georgios

Christmas flowers 2012 031          Michelle and Phil


After the exhibitions at the August 2012 Milonga:

Milonga 20th August 2021 019.jpg                              1. Jen and Dave

Milonga 20th August 2021 020.jpg                              2. Adolph and Shirley


Milonga 20th August 2021 025.jpg                      Milonga 20th August 2021 022.jpg